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Volume 22, No. 4, #156 - click here

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September 2009 • Elul 5770 Volume 22, No. 4, #156
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The Summer's Over

Much has happened in the world since last we met. So where do I begin? First I suppose I should tell you that despite the fact I seriously thought I would have to build an ark before it was over, I had a very nice summer. Wow! I don’t think I ever saw so much rain! But, the summer’s over, everybody’s home, thankfully everyone is gezunt, and it’s time for me to once again cast my jaundiced eye on the state of the world in general.

First up we have the passing of Senator Edward Moore Kennedy. The fact that this man was a United States Senator for 47 years tells you all you need to know, and more, about the values and worth of that institution. I just hope that whatever his ultimate destination is, he’s driven there by Mary Jo Kopechne.

But let’s just skip over all of the appetizers and get straight to the main course... Barack Hussein Obama.

Those of you who have been reading my columns for any length of time should know pretty clearly my opinion of politicians in general and Democrats in particular. This guy, however doesn’t just leave a bad taste in my mouth - he scares the devil out of me. And not just as a Jew who sees his unfavorable attitude towards Israel vis-a-vis the palestinians, but as an American who is witnessing his bald-faced attempt at nothing less than the complete remaking of America in his leftist, socialist, communist image.

I ask myself, how is it possible that this complete unknown, this blank slate of a person, who will release no personal information that every other president has released - information like school records, client records, medical records etc. - has become the most powerful person in the world?

How is it that this cipher has already racked up more deficits than all our previous presidents combined?

How is it that he appears close to implementing a plan to nationalize and socialize our health care system, a plan that will as surely as night follows day turn us into a dependent and ultimately failed society?

How is it that he gets to appoint czars – 20 or 30 or so and counting – people with vast amounts of power with absolutely no oversight, no confirmation process. Even cabinet members have to be vetted and confirmed by Congress (for whatever that’s worth).

I do take some encouragement from the fact that all during the summer, at townhall meetings throughout the country, people stood up and let their representatives know just how unhappy they were with the state of affairs in Washington. I only hope that these representatives were listening and that they will do the right thing and vote this monstrosity of a health care bill down. Passing it would be a quite possibly unrecoverable step on the road to oblivion.

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