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December 2009 • Kislev 5770 Volume 22, No. 6, #158
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This is War!

That we are a country at war is a well-established reality. But with whom or with what we are at war, is another matter altogether. You might think it’s Iraq, or Iran, or Afghanistan, or Islamic extremists in general. And you would be right. But I would like to suggest that the people of this country are under attack from a much more dangerous enemy... the United States Government.

“WHAT?!,” I can hear you saying, in disbelief, “Our own government?!”

In a word, absolutely.

How else would you describe the incredible damage that’s been done to us since the current Imposter-in-Chief has ascended to the throne of power.

Every action that’s been taken has entailed another direct assault on the Constitution.

First there were the bailouts of the financial institutions through the TARP program.

Then there was the government takeover of the car companies, GM and Chrysler.

Then there was the $787 billon stimulus package.

There exists not one shred of Constitutional authority for any of these actions on the part of the government. Not to mention, in the case of the car companies, the wholesale unilateral abrogation of the contractual rights of tens of thousands of bondholders of those companies.

But that was just the beginning.

Then the House of Representatives passed a Cap and Trade Bill. This one pernicious piece of legislation would immediately cause your energy bills to, in the exact word of the Pretender-in-Chief, “skyrocket,” not to mention the chilling effect the bill’s severe restrictions on energy use and development would have on the already-devastated jobs situation. I’ll get back to this in a moment.

And now that infamous den of corruption, otherwise known as the United States Senate, has begun debate on a monstrosity they euphemistically call the Health Care Bill. The nerve of these people! The unmitigated gall! To draft a 2,000 page bill that not one Senator has read, and to pretend that they have the best interests of the people at heart is duplicity in its highest form.

What this actually is, is nothing more than an outright power grab by the ruling party in Washington, namely the Democrats. By virtue of the unfortunate stupidity of a majority of our fellow citizens, who believed the vacuous mantra of hope and change spewed by the Socialist-in-Chief during the most recent campaign, all three centers of power in the government have been turned over to, and are being controlled by, the most extreme left-wing partisans this country has ever seen. Their goal is nothing less than the complete destruction of our capitalist system and a concomitant conversion to a socialist/communist state.

From the Communist-in-Chief’s own pronouncement that he thinks it’s a good idea to spread the wealth around, to the petty tyrants in the House and Senate, who piously debate these bills while gleefully and prudently exempting themselves from their consequences, it is clear that the very underpinnings of our society are under vicious assault.

And then we have the most egregious attack of all. The upcoming conference in Copenhagen that will attempt to commit us to a treaty that would spell the end of the United States as a dominant world power. The restrictions that would be placed on us would reduce our standard of living to a level that anyone born less than 100 years ago wouldn’t recognize.

And all of this in the name of one of the greatest frauds ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting populace... Global Warming. And all of this in the face of the revelation of the “scientist’s” emails plainly detailing the outright deception being practiced by these phony purveyors of gloom and doom. The real data shows that not only has there not been any warming, but for the last 10 years we’ve been in a cooling trend. How do these people just stand up there and lie to our faces? If it were up to me, Al Gore, together with his Pulitzer Prize and his stupid movie would be in jail.

And while all this chicanery is going on, the unemployment rate in this country sits above ten percent (with the real number, counting people who’ve used up their benefits and those who’ve just given up looking, being closer to seventeen percent). But is our vaunted administration concerned? Please. What do these people know about jobs? In the entire cabinet, including the Marxist-in-Chief and the Vice Idiot, there isn’t a handful of people who’ve had any experience in the private sector at all. And I’m not even talking about running a company or making a payroll... I’m talking about having a job!

And this is just the domestic policy. Don’t get me started on the foreign policy. Maybe next issue.

People, we are living in perilous times. Our way of life is being threatened by enemies foreign and domestic. As I’ve said over and over, elections have consequences. Please don’t take my word for everything written here. Do your own research. Educate yourself on the issues. Write and call your representatives. Let them know that you will hold them responsible for the irresponsible votes they cast. Threaten them with the one thing they fear. You will vote them out of office. The reason they fear this above all else is that then they will be subject to all the moronic laws they passed, just like the rest of us. And worst of all... they’ll have to get a real job and actually work.

I kinda like the sound of that.

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