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Volume 22, No. 6, #158 - click here

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December 2009 • Kislev 5770 Volume 22, No. 6, #158
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Message From the Publisher
(by Country Yossi)

Hi Everybody,
Only one new Jewish Music Superstar can walk down the middle of Eastern Parkway in broad daylight and not only stop traffic but make it disappear completely! Benny Friedman! This phenomenally talented young singer is not only working miracles in the streets but is also performing musical magic in the studio. In the process, he’s turning the Jewish music world on its collective ear!! You’ve heard him singing on the radio, at simchas, and most recently in Mumbai! He’s in great demand now that his CD is out and the whole world can appreciate and enjoy his sweet yet powerful voice. We are proud to present an in-depth interview with this amazing young man, who is definitely going places (but hopefully next time he’ll walk on the sidewalk!).

You don’t need me to tell you Chanukah is around the corner. So this year I was debating with myself whether I should put out a Chanukah issue or just buy you all a couple of jelly doughnuts and let it go at that. Lucky for you I opted for the former or else you’d all be wiping powdered sugar and jam off your cholent-stained fingers. Having made that momentous decision, I proceeded to put together an issue worthy of the prestigious Country Yossi logo and masthead.

A “working mom” controversy has erupted in our pages and is getting rather heated. Even Bubby is getting involved (and she has to watch her blood pressure!)! See pages 72-75 for the latest installment.

On a more relaxed note we feature a fascinating story about The Lubavitcher Rebbe’s meeting with Holocaust survivor and philosopher Victor Frankl. Our Real Life section also profiles the Buddhist monk who gave it all up for Yiddishkeit!

We also spoil you with a 2-page, full-color Jewish Music top 3 list, a full-color, 2-page Zweig Report, a recipe for snowmen (the edible kind), 5 best-selling book excerpts (to read while you’re munching “sufguniyot”), an inside look at Yossel’s heart and a brand new feature: Country Yossi’s Songbook - featuring the lyrics and poetry of my favorite song-writer:)!

Wishing you all a Happy Chanukah,

See ya on the radio,
Your friend,
Country Yossi

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